From a company, you need all the employees working in this company with a specific job title :

You are looking for the head of sales in a list of companies.

As it's a company in input, you can enter :

  • A company name
  • A website
  • A SIREN Number (french ID number)

To have employees, you need to set this parameter to true:


Then you can also use this parameter to have specifiy a job title:


You can enter any string (eg: sales, marketing...)

You can also send boolean like this: head of OR vp OR chief OR ceo ...

To narrow your result to a specific location, you can also use :


You can enter any location city, country...

By example, give me people working as sales at Algolia in France

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To verify the accuracy of our results you can check the


The closer the score is to 1, the more we are sure that the result is relevant
If the score is 1, that means the employee is still working in the targeted company

There is also another object in the output


The role of this object is the same, but with the job title eventually submitted in input;

We manage the scoring here to remove the non-relevant results, but sometimes our scoring is a little bit aggressive and can remove results that could be interesting.

For example, if you submit in input Palantir and the results in output are Palantir Technologies, we will filter the result.

If you want to have access to all the results, please pass the parameter debug=true.