I want to find the work verified email address of a target

To do this, two different endpoints exist.

  • The traditional Enrich endpoint will give you the email address and a lot of information associated with the company, the person...

  • The email-only endpoint is faster cause it gives you only the email address.

Which one to choose?

The email-only endpoint is faster, and we do not charge you any credits if we do not return any emails.

In the enrich endpoint, we will charge you one credit from the moment we return information (even if this information is not an email. For example, if we produce a gender, we consider this as enrichment, and we charge you one credit)

For the email-only endpoint, you need to start from a name & a company name (or domain), but with the enrich endpoint, you can also start from a LinkedIn URL (as we will enrich it).

**The regular one :

**Try now ⬇

https://gateway.datagma.net/api/ingress/v2/full?apiId=&findEmailV2=true&findEmailV2Step=3&findEmailV2Country=General&fullName=Emilio Turco&data=Algolia

**The faster one that give only email

**Try now ⬇


Please note that in both endpoints, you can send :


  • findEmailV2Step parameter allows us to improve accuracy but will take a few milliseconds more. Therefore, we recommend not editing this parameter.
  • findEmailV2Country parameter allows us to submit the user's location, to improve accuracy. For example, if you're target works in Japan, the domain could be jp.ibm.com; if he works in France, it could be fr.ibm.com.
    If you don't know the country, just let General or empty
  • linkedInSlug allows you to send us the Linkedin Company Slug. This way, we can extract the domain name and improve the match rate by at least 10%. Of course, if you have the domain name, this is useless.

It can be in this format https://www.linkedin.com/company/10625816 or in this format https://www.linkedin.com/company/livestorm/, or on this. format https://www.linkedin.com/sales/company/10625816)

We always verify the email; here is the meaning of the different statuses :

It's completely useless to verify the email we give to you, as we already verify it.

  • status": "Valid" --> Email is smtp verified.

  • status": "catchall" --> The email could not be verified with exactitude by the STMP method. So we apply the well know pattern for this company

It's completely useless to use another email verification tool after us.