I want to find the work-verified email address of a target

You need to start with a name & a domain (or from a company name),

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Please note you can send the following additional parameter:




  • findEmailV2Step parameter allows us to specify if you want the email (3) or the domain only (2). In all cases, it's the exact cost.
  • findEmailV2Country parameter allows us to submit the user's location to improve accuracy. For example, if your target works in Japan, the domain could be jp.ibm.com; if he works in France, it could be fr.ibm.com.
    If you don't know the country, just let General or empty
  • linkedInSlug allows you to send us the LinkedIn Company Slug. This way, we can extract the domain name and improve the match rate by at least 20%. Of course, if you have the domain name, this is useless.

It can be in this format https://www.linkedin.com/company/10625816 or in this format https://www.linkedin.com/company/livestorm/, or on this. format https://www.linkedin.com/sales/company/10625816)


If you do not have the full name of your target, you can first enrich his social profile Url with the enrich endpoint

We always verify the email; here is the meaning of the different statuses

When interacting with our API, you may come across two types of email outputs: 'Email Output' and 'Most Probable Email Output.'


Testing these emails with another verifying tool is useless, as testing all emails it's already a part of our process.

Here's what each of these terms means:

Email Output:

This refers to the standard result returned by our API when an email address is successfully verified. It signifies that the email address has passed our verification checks and is confirmed to be a valid and active mailbox within the domain.

You can also find catchall emails in this category, but thanks to our email verification technologies, we know that these emails are valid and safe to use in your email campaigns.


It's not because an email is a catchall that this email are not safe to send. When Datagma declares a catchall email as valid, it means this email is safe to send

Most Probable Email Output:

This term is used specifically for the catchall email addresses we cannot verify.

Catchall domains accept emails sent to any mailbox under their domain, even if the specific mailbox hasn't been set up.

Because of this, standard verification methods cannot confirm the existence of an individual email address within a catchall domain.

​The 'Most Probable Email Output' is our API's best guess at the correct email address based on the domain's patterns and other available data.

It is important to note that this is an educated estimate and NOT a verified email address.

Billing for Catchall Email Addresses:

We understand the unique nature of catchall email addresses and their verification challenges. So, you are not billed for any queries that result in a 'Most Probable Email Output.'

Our billing policy is designed to ensure fairness and transparency, charging only for services that provide definitive and verified results.