Here is a list of all Datagma fields. We add fields very frequently do not hesitate to ping us if you need a specific data.

Person data

CategoryFieldData TypeDescription
Basic Information
namestringThe full name of the person.
firstNamestringThe first name of the person.
lastNamestringThe last name of the person.
locationstringThe location of the person.
jobTitlestringThe job title of the person.
companystringThe current company of the person.
linkedInUrlstringThe LinkedIn profile URL of the person.
extractedRolestringThe extracted role of the person (if applicable).
extractedSenioritystringThe extracted seniority level of the person (if applicable).
extractedGenderstringThe extracted gender of the person (if available).
personConfidenceScorenumberConfidence score related to person details.
companyConfidencenumberConfidence score related to company details. (Indicate if we suspect a job change)
explanationstringAdditional explanation about companyConfidence
legacyEmailstringLegacy email of the person. (not verified)
twitterstringTwitter handle of the person.
countrystringThe country of the person.
regionstringThe region of the person.
citystringThe city of the person.
timezoneIdstringThe timezone ID of the person's location.
Data (when personFull=true)
namestringData Full Name.
positionstringThe current position of the person.
currentCompanyobjectObject containing the current company name.
avatarstringURL to the person's avatar/image.
aboutstringA brief description or summary about the person.
citystringThe city associated with the person's data.
educationsDetailsstringDetails of the person's education.
postsarrayArray containing posts made by the person.
experiencearrayArray containing experience details of the person.
educationarrayArray containing education details of the person.
certificationsarrayArray containing certifications details of the person.
coursesarrayArray containing course details of the person.
languagesarrayArray containing language details of the person.
groupsarrayArray containing group details of the person.
inputobjectObject containing input data (e.g., URL).
fromstringDate where we refreshed the data
socialConnectionsstringInformation about social connections of the person.

French Company Data

CategoryFieldData TypeDescription
French Company Details
sirenstringSIREN Number (Système d'identification du répertoire des entreprises) number of the company.
siretstringSIRET Number (Système d'identification du répertoire des établissements) number of the company.
nomEntreprisestringThe legal name of the French company.
codeNafstringThe NAF (Nomenclature des Activités Françaises) code of the company's main activity.
libelleCodeNafstringThe description of the NAF code (main activity).
domaineActivitestringThe domain or sector of activity of the company.
objetSocialstringThe social purpose or objective of the company.

Under the "etablissement" object, we have the following sub-elements:

FieldData TypeDescription
siretstringSIRET number of the establishment.
adresseLigne1EtablissementstringAddress line 1 of the establishment.
codePostalEtablissementstringPostal code of the establishment.
villeEtablissementstringCity of the establishment.
EffectifEtablissementstringThe number of employees at the establishment.
EnseigneEtablissementstringThe name or sign of the establishment (if applicable).
DateDebutEtablissementstringThe start date of the establishment.

Under the "representants" array, we have the following sub-elements for each representative:

FieldData TypeDescription
adresseLigne1stringAddress line 1 of the company's headquarters (siège social).
codePostalstringPostal code of the company's headquarters.
villestringCity of the company's headquarters

Under the "finances" array, we have the following sub-elements for each financial record:

FieldData TypeDescription
nomCompletstringThe full name of the representative.
dateDeNaissanceFormatestringThe formatted date of birth of the representative.
agestringThe age of the representative.
typestringThe type of representative.
qualitestringThe quality or role of the representative.

Under the "finances" array, we have the following sub-elements for each financial record:

FieldData TypeDescription
anneestringThe year of the financial record.
chiffreAffairesstringThe turnover or revenue of the company.
chiffreAffairesPrettierstringThe formatted representation of the turnover or revenue.
resultatstringThe result or profit of the company.
resultatPrettierstringThe formatted representation of the result or profit.
effectifstringThe number of employees at the company.
effectifPrettierstringThe formatted representation of the number of employees.
tauxCroissanceChiffreAffairesnumberThe growth rate of turnover or revenue.
tauxCroissanceChiffreAffairesPrettierstringThe formatted representation of the growth rate of turnover or revenue.

Company Full

CategoryFieldData TypeDescription
Full Properties
revenueRangestringRevenue range of the company.
titlestringTitle or name of the company.
shortDescriptionstringA short description of the company.
identifierobjectObject containing an identifier (permalink) of the company.
Full Cards
fundingRoundsSummaryobjectObject containing summary details of funding rounds.
trafficRankHeadlineobjectObject containing headline traffic rank details.
spentSummaryobjectObject containing summary details of site IT spend.
overviewCompanyFieldsobjectObject containing overview details of the company type.
overviewFieldsobjectObject containing general overview fields of the company.
overviewFields2objectObject containing additional overview fields of the company.
fundingRoundsListarrayArray containing details of funding rounds.
trafficSummaryobjectObject containing summary details of traffic rank.
ipoSummaryobjectObject containing summary details of IPO (Initial Public Offering).
fullConfidenceScorenumberConfidence score related to the Full data.
Full Identifier
permalinkstringThe permalink identifier of the company.
Funding Rounds Summary
fundingTotalobjectObject containing total funding details.
lastFundingTypestringThe type of the last funding round.

Company Premium

CategoryFieldData TypeDescription
Premium Information
urlstringThe slug related to the premium data.
namestringThe name of the premium data.
spherestringThe sphere or domain associated with the premium data.
employeesAmountInLinkedinstringThe number of employees as found on LinkedIn.
aboutstringA brief description or summary about the premium data.
headquaterAddrstringThe address of the company's headquarters.
headquaterAddrStreetstringStreet address of the company's headquarters.
headquaterAddrPostalCodestringPostal code of the company's headquarters.
headquaterAddrLocalitystringLocality or city of the company's headquarters.
headquaterAddrRegionstringRegion or state of the company's headquarters.
headquaterAddrCountrystringCountry of the company's headquarters.
subsidiaryarrayArray containing subsidiary details.
numberOfLocationstringThe number of company locations.
websitestringThe website URL of the company.
industriesstringIndustries associated with the company.
companySizestringThe size of the company.
headquartersstringInformation related to the company's headquarters.
typestringThe type or category of the company.
foundedstringThe founding date of the company.
specialtiesstringSpecialties associated with the company.
specialtiesArrarrayArray containing individual specialty values.

Under the "subsidiary" array, we have the following sub-elements for each subsidiary:

FieldData TypeDescription
subsidiarystringThe name of the subsidiary.
firstPartstringThe first part of the subsidiary.
secondpartstringThe second part of the subsidiary.

Under the "specialtiesArr" array, we have the following sub-elements for each specialty:

FieldData TypeDescription
valuestringThe individual specialty value.

Under the "similarCompanies" array, we have the following sub-elements for each similar company:

FieldData TypeDescription
locationstringThe location of the similar company.
socialUrlstringThe social media URL associated with the similar company.
industrystringThe industry associated with the similar company.
imageUrlstringURL to the image associated with the similar company.
companyNamestringThe name of the similar company.


Email Finder

FieldData TypeDescription
emailstringThe email address.
emailDomainstringThe domain of the email address.
statusstringThe status of the email address (e.g., verified, unverified).
patternsarrayArray containing patterns associated with the email address.
mxfoundbooleanIndicates whether the MX (Mail Exchange) records were found for the email domain (true/false).
smtpCheckbooleanIndicates whether the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) check was successful for the email (true/false).
cachAllbooleanIndicates whether the email domain has a catch-all